The Little Pony

Hi guys!

I hope all is well with all of you.

Today my daughter Veronica’s preschool was closed as it was the school’s planning day. I could not do much work for our company memorini today because I had to entertain my lovely little girl Veronica so she wouldn’t get bored.

We went downtown in the morning. As we walked past a little toyshop Veronica told me that she wanted a toy. She couldn’t pick a toy so I suggested a toy which she liked and so I got it for her. The toy was a little pony with a hairbrush and mirror. Pretty stupid. I know. Hahaha

After our stop in the toystore we walked toward Rörstrandsgatan. There Veronica and I had lunch with one of my friends and her son who is also Veronica’s friend at the Persian restaurant Tehran Grill.

Veronica opened her toy at the restaurant, took out the pony and started brushing the pony’s hair. She brushed the pony’s hair so much that by the end of our lunch there was pony hair all over the table.

After lunch I took Veronica to the park to play. After riding on the swing and playing with her ball she told me that she wanted to play hide-and-seek with me. I told her that we could play hide-and-seek at home because I might not be able to find her if played hide-and-seek in the park and that we might get into trouble. It didn’t go down with her and she started crying. I wanted to make her happy so I asked her if she wanted an ice-cream and she told me that she wanted one so we went to Hemköp supermarket. There I got her an ice-cream and a I got myself a tea. We sat at the Hemköp’s cafe and Veronica had her ice-cream. After she was done with her ice-cream she wanted to rush into the supermarket and do grocery shopping, so I had to tell her so many times that she had to wait until I was done with my tea.

At the supermarket she was very helpful as usual but she would also pick whatever she wanted off the shelves which were candies and other unhealthy stuff. I still haven’t found a solution to tell Veronica not to pick so much sweet stuff from the supermarket shelves. If you guys have a solution please let me know.

We are home now and my crearive daughter is painting her little blue pony green. Haha

Have a good evening everyone.


The Podcast Interview

Hej allihopa!

The interview is out!

As I have mentioned in one of my blog posts last week great baby and family photographer BodilBergmanHughes and the founder of magpodden interviewed me for her podcast magpodden last week. I could finally get my message across thanks to Bodil.

I don’t want to tell you what the story of the interview is. I want you guys to listen to it your selves to find out.

You can read a simmare of the interview or even listen to the interview here.

As I have mentioned before Bodil was the photographer of our daughter Veronica who modeled with the memorini glass pieces that we had made with her hand and fooprints. We later upploaded the photos on our website memorini

Here’s another cute photo that Bodil has taken for us.

If you would like to schedule a baby, child or family photoshoot Bodil is the right photographer for you. You can write to her at

Thank you once again for the lovely photos and the interview Bodil Bergman Hughes.

Let me know what you guys think about the interview.

Thank you guys.



The Interview

Hej allihopa!

I had an interview with the podcast magpodden about my life as a mother yesterday. The podcast is owned by Bodil Bergman Hughes. Bodil and I did the interview in English. Bodil is going to publish the interview on her website magpodden on Monday May 29th. You can even subscribe to her app magpodden so you won’t miss my interview or Bodil’s other interviews.

I am going to provide a link to our interview on my blog on Monday so you guys can listen to the interview.

Bodil is originally a great photographer based in Stockholm who also owns a podcast where she interviews women with interesting stories. She owns a photography studio. This is her photography website bergmanhughesimages . She did the photoshoot of our memorini glass pieces with our daughter Veronica in 2015.

It had always been my dream to have our own child’s photos taken next to our sample pieces and to place the photos on our website. That day Veronica posed as a model for our company and my dream came true. Veronica wasn’t so happy that day but Bodil skillfully manageed to calm Veronica down.

Bodil takes gorgeous photos of pregnant women, babies and families and has beautiful clothes for babies and children at her studio so if you book a photoshoot with her you won’t need yo worry how you are supposed to dress your baby or your little girl.

This is one of photos that Bodil took for our jewelry and interior brand memorini in 2015. The hand and footprints in the glass piece on the photo are Veronica’s hand and footprints that we took from her she was one and a half months old.

Thank you for the lovely interview magpodden and thank you for the great photoshoot bergmanhughesimages




The Paraben factor

Hej allihopa!

Today I met my entrepreneur friend Victoria Portnoff. Victoria is the distributor of different natural beauty care products. She sells the products on her website cosmetictreasures.

My husband Anders and I have used one of Victoria’s products Lavilin. Lavilin is a probiotic deodorant which doesn’t contain aluminium, parabens or even alcohol so it’s a very safe product compared to the conventional deodorants out there in the market.

I have tried Victoria’s facials and they are good too.

I bought a couple of more products from Victoria today. She and I duscussed a collaboration between my company memorini and Victoria’s company cosmetictreasures today. We are going to have a joint press event in September.

Have a good evening everyone!




The no boss factor

Hej allihopa!

As the co-founder of the jewelry and interior brand memorini  I find that there are definitely a lot of benefits to having a business especially if you are a parent. I am going to list some of the benefits here:

1. I don’t have to send my daughter Veronica back to preschool when she has a cold before she fully recovers; I can stay at home with her as long as it takes to let her completely recover from the cold. Meanwhile, I work from home. Last week I stayed at home with my daughter Veronica for a week until she was fit to go back to preschool again. This is beneficial to the other kids at my daughter’s preschool as well because they will stay safe from catching a cold from my daughter.

Here is a photo of Veronica with her schoolmate and friend Ratin.

2. We can leave Veronica at peschool not too early and I can pick her up early. I leave her at 9 a.m. and we pick her up at 3 p.m. instead of 4 of 5 p.m.

3. In case, her school calls me and says that Veronica is sick and that I need to pick her up I won’t need to ask a boss’ permission to leave the office nor will I have to report to a boss that I’ll have to go pick up our daughter because I basically have no boss. Hahaha. In fact I am my own boss.

4. If my daughter has a doctor appointment I can easily take some time off work and take my daughter to her appoitment.

I will mention the other benefits at some other time.

What does your life as a parent look like? Let me know in the comment section below.



The Adorable Niece

Hej allihopa!

Here are a couple of photos of my three-month-old cute adorable niece Amelia who lives so far away from me. She lives in Boston, the United States with her mommy, daddy and their cat Bastet.

I usually talk to Amelia on Skype. I love her so much.

We are going to make Amelia’s mom a couple memorini jewelry with Amelia’s little hand and footprints and a memorini glass cast with Amelia’s hand and footprints for Amelia’s dad.

Amelia’s parents like European kids’ clothes a lot. Unlike Anders and I who would like to dress Veronica in RalphLauren every day Amelia’s parents think that Ralph Lauren is boring and that Ralph Lauren has been doing the same designs for the past 100 years. I agree with the latter of course.

Here is Amelia and her dad (my brother-in-law) Paul. Amelia’s dressed in some Swedish clothes in this photo here.

Here is Amelia with her mom (my twin sister ) Asa. Amelia’s wearing a cute little hairbow from Sweden.

Veronica looks sharp and polished in Ralph Lauren. That is why my husband and I dress Veronica in Ralph Lauren clothes.

It’s so funny how brands are conceived differently in different countries.

Have a nice weekend everyone!




The memorini ring

  • Hi everyone!

This is one of our new jewelry designs; a beautiful memorini ring that we have made for one of our customers with her child’s handprint.

Isn’t the design wonderful? We love how it looks. It is both fashionable and beautiful.😍😍😍

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment area below.



The Press Event

  • Hi everyone!

Veronica’s been sick for two days now, so she and I are at home and I have been taking care of her. I also have been working which is not so easy with her demanding something new every half an hour.

Guys we are going to have a press release in August in Stockholm where our company is located.

If you are interested to join as a journalist, blogger, influencer or only as some one who is interested to know more about our brand memorini please email me at

Have a great evening everyone.





The collaborators

Hej allihopa!

memorini is expanding and therefore we are looking for serious professional influencers and blogger from Sweden, Denmark and Germany with over 30,000 followers on their Instagram who also have small kids to join our collaboration network.

If you are an influencer or blogger that conforms to the requirements above please leave a comment below or email me at

If you are not a blogger or influencer but you know of a friend who confirms to the requirements above please share this post with them or tag them under the corresponding photo on my Instagram account @asanas_fashion

Thank you.