Veronica’s birthday party

Hej allihopa!
It was Veronica’s four birthday last weekend and we celebrated it with her and my friends at a beautiful venue close to where we live. There were 10 kids at the party including Veronica.
The venue had two floors and enjoyed gorgeous colors. It’s the most perfect venue for a kids’ birthday party. The kids played on both floors and I believe they had a wonderful time. There were a lot of tables and chairs so parents did not have to stand the whole time while they were there. The name of the venue was Blomsterfesten and anyone can rent it for a day.
The party was two hours and by the end of the two hours the kids were exhausted.
We offered two cakes: one was an ice-cream cake by Glasshus Stockholm and the other one was a carrot cake. We also offered home-made pastries, some we had purchased and some had been made by my mother-in-law.
There were pretzels, peanuts and soft beverages on the table as well. We also served hotdogs, tea and coffee.
We gave each kid a little party bag. Each bag was filled with a bubble maker, a playdough, a plastic ring and a box containing raisins, dried cranberries and blueberries. In other words, we gave no candies to the kids. Also, each kid got a helium balloon at the end of the party.
We had thrown a lot of balloons on the first floor for the kids to play with and they loved it. Also, we had made a playlist on Spotify and played some songs for the kids to dance to.
The party bags, plates and cups were ’Trolls’- themed. Veronica likes the movie but she is not obssessed with the movie or any other movies so that is why my husband and I decided to decorate the venue with the colors that Veronica liked as well as the colors that we liked. My husband and I wanted everything to look beautiful and fashionable. We picked the helium balloons that we wanted to give away in purple as purple is a unisex color.
Veronica opened the gifts after the guests had left.
The gorgeous dress that Veronica wore to the party was discovered at a cubus store by my tasteful husband.
Hope you’ve liked this post.
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