The weekend

  • Hi everyone!

Hope the weekend’s been great so far.

It’s Saturday today and Veronica, my mother-in-law and I were at Vasa Parken. It was overcast today but warm.

Veronica played hockey with the kids at the park. Apparently she has no problem socializing and playing with the kids that she doesn’t know, which I think is great. hehehe. We did some fika at one of the cafés at the park which was very nice. As I am pregnant I get hungry often.

My husband Anders worked at our company the whole day. As you might know apart from our memorini line which has proved very popular worldwide we also have an electronic line. My husband worked on our electronic line today. Working at weekends is what defines us entrepreneurs.hahaha

I hope we can buy a little holiday home in Spain next year so we can travel there every once in a while and relax there away from the stress of our work.

Despite all the workload that we have we are also thinking of designing a line of bags. I wonder how we can afford the time but we are very eager to do that. Hehehe. Follow my journey and you will see our designer bags.

By the way guys, look at the two beautiful memorini glass pieces below that we have made for my mom and my siter and my brother-in-law with my one and only niece Amelia’s hand and footprints. The one on the first photo belongs to my sister and my brother-in-law and the second one belongs to my mom. We made my sister and my’s glass piece with the hand and fooprints which had been taken from Amelia earlier in her life. As you see her hand and footprint look more fleshy on the second photo.

We are going to engrave my niece’s name Amelia on the my mom’s memorini glass piece. My sister and my brother-in-law still haven’t told us yet what they would like engraved on their glass piece. Don’t the pieces look gorgeous?

I will show you the glass pieces once they have been engraved.

Have a great weerkend everyone!