The Vacation

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well with all of you.

We are enjoying our vacation in Crete and I love the sunshine here. We are staying at a hotel apartment in Chania’s old town. The apartment has a balcony and Anders, Veronica and I love it. We sit there every evening, have a drink and chat. Veronica usually watches her iPad at the balcony.

The beach here is beautiful. The people are warm and friendly and the food is fresh and delicious. The restaurants give good service although it can take the waiters quite a lot of time to bring you all the food and drinks you’ve ordered. They can even forget to bring some of the things that you’ve ordered.

It’s so easy to communicate with the people here and I like it a lot.

My husband and I work from here on our cellphones or our computers every now and then; we answer questions regarding our memorini jewelry and glass pieces, we answer customers’ emails and we write to our employees in Stockholm.

We would love to buy some property here and to come and stay here every once in a while; at least once in summer and once in winter but it seems that it’s so cold here in winter. We are now considering Las Palmas in Spain for future investment. Las Palmas has a beach. We’ve also read that it’s warm there all year round. We want to go there next year and see if we like it and if we do, we will buy an apartment there as a holiday home.