The memorini ring

Hi you guys!

Today I was out with my daughter Veronica as my husband has to work over the weekend. We went to a couple of cafés and to a park together.

Here is a photo of my little fashionista at the first cafe today.

Today I was wearing my new memorini ring made with my daughter’s actual handprint. We have kept the handprint since we took it from her in 2014 when she was only one and a helf months old. I love my new ring. Here is a photo of my beautiful ring.

I have now both my daughter’s little hand and footprints on my left hand next to my wedding/engagement ring. When I look at my left hand I feel so good about the order of the rings. It was first us (me and my husband) and now we have an adorable daughter.

The diamond ring is an actual engagement ring. I used to wear it with my wedding ring which we bought from a gold company based in Östersund. Since I showed allergy to the wedding ring I only wear my engagement ring. We are designing a new memorini wedding ring for me. It is going to look awesome.

Hope all is well with all of you.