The dog

Hi everyone!

We are on vacation in Östersund. We came here to celebrate this Year’s midsummer with my husband’s family.

I thought I would share with you the story of a beautiful memorini glass piece that we made for one of our customers Ulf here on my blog.

We made the beautiful piece in the photo with the pawprint of Ulf’s dog. His dog is called Isa.

Ulf has a wife/partner and children. Isa is also family to Ulf as every other dog is family to their owner.

Isa has recently been diagnosed with cancer. That is why her owner Ulf decided to have Isa’s pawprint made in memorini glass as a memento from his dying dog.

At the time we were contacted by Ulf, Isa had not started treatment and she was very ill. Ulf was so worried that Isa would die in a matter of days that he asked us to send him a kit as soon as possible. As we thought Isa was dying soon we sent Ulf two kits on the day he ordered so that in case Isa died we would have at least one good print from her to work with. You can see a photo of one of Isa’a pawprints here.

We engraved Ulf’s memorini glass piece with Isa’s name and the date when her pawprints were taken which was sometime in May.

A month later when the glass piece was ready, I contacted Ulf regarding his order and also asked him about Isa. He wrote back that Isa was undergoing treatment and that she was doing much better. The news made us very happy. Just when you don’t think there is hope, things take a turn for the better and this is the miracle of life.

Hope you’ve liked this story everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.