The Rude SwedBank

  • Hi guys!

This is the message that I sent Swedbank regarding their staff’s rude behavior. It’s in English so everyone can understand it. I still haven’t received a response. Hope SwedBank has a good response to this. If not, I will switch banks. I will definitely publish their response on my blog.


I just tried to call you regarding your customer service but no one answered the phone. I was online for 10 minutes.

I was at your Hamngatan branch today as I wanted to put my daughter’s cash in her savings account. When I was done, I asked your employee if there was a bathroom there at the bank and she said that there was one in the main office. (I’m pregnant so I go to the bathroom very often.)I went to the main office on Hamngatan but there was no one at the information desk so I could ask them where the bathroom was, so I kept looking around to see if I could see a bathroom. Suddenly one of your employees who was an overweight woman with brown hair standing next to the elevator asked me what I was looking for with a kind of look as if I was a thief. As soon as I went to her desk she suddenly (and not even discretely) turned away the computer screen while I was explaining to her that I had put money on my daughter’s account and that I was looking for a bathroom. She turned away the screen so abruptly as if I was going to stare at her screen and rob the bank. I felt so humiliated especially before the clients that were standing there. The way she looked at me or talked to me was like ‘Get out of here. You are a thief.’ To my surprise she told me there was no bathroom there and that I had to go to NK (shopping mall) or Gallerian (shopping mall). I wonder if she lied about the bathroom or told me the truth. I bet she lied. I think you’d better teach your staff to treat the clients with respect. Given the fact that I had already told the woman that I had put money on my daughter’s account the way she treated me was way beyond rude and humiliating.

There are not so many banks in Sweden. If I had a lot of options I would have definitely switched to one of your competitors after what happened today.

If you don’t have a bathroom in your Hamngatan branch then you’ve got to build one there especially given that your clients who put cash in their accounts have to wait there for a long time. If your employees are liars you have to teach them to be honest.

I am also very disappointed that nobody even answered my call today or even called me back. Today I experienced the most horrible bank customer service in my whole life. Great job really. You nailed it.

Asana Olsen

What do you think about the letter guys? I think it’s very important that we report rude disrespectful behavior so we prevent it from  happening to other people especially other pregnant women. What do you think?