The Little Pony

Hi guys!

I hope all is well with all of you.

Today my daughter Veronica’s preschool was closed as it was the school’s planning day. I could not do much work for our company memorini today because I had to entertain my lovely little girl Veronica so she wouldn’t get bored.

We went downtown in the morning. As we walked past a little toyshop Veronica told me that she wanted a toy. She couldn’t pick a toy so I suggested a toy which she liked and so I got it for her. The toy was a little pony with a hairbrush and mirror. Pretty stupid. I know. Hahaha

After our stop in the toystore we walked toward Rörstrandsgatan. There Veronica and I had lunch with one of my friends and her son who is also Veronica’s friend at the Persian restaurant Tehran Grill.

Veronica opened her toy at the restaurant, took out the pony and started brushing the pony’s hair. She brushed the pony’s hair so much that by the end of our lunch there was pony hair all over the table.

After lunch I took Veronica to the park to play. After riding on the swing and playing with her ball she told me that she wanted to play hide-and-seek with me. I told her that we could play hide-and-seek at home because I might not be able to find her if played hide-and-seek in the park and that we might get into trouble. It didn’t go down with her and she started crying. I wanted to make her happy so I asked her if she wanted an ice-cream and she told me that she wanted one so we went to Hemköp supermarket. There I got her an ice-cream and a I got myself a tea. We sat at the Hemköp’s cafe and Veronica had her ice-cream. After she was done with her ice-cream she wanted to rush into the supermarket and do grocery shopping, so I had to tell her so many times that she had to wait until I was done with my tea.

At the supermarket she was very helpful as usual but she would also pick whatever she wanted off the shelves which were candies and other unhealthy stuff. I still haven’t found a solution to tell Veronica not to pick so much sweet stuff from the supermarket shelves. If you guys have a solution please let me know.

We are home now and my crearive daughter is painting her little blue pony green. Haha

Have a good evening everyone.