The Adorable Niece

Hej allihopa!

Here are a couple of photos of my three-month-old cute adorable niece Amelia who lives so far away from me. She lives in Boston, the United States with her mommy, daddy and their cat Bastet.

I usually talk to Amelia on Skype. I love her so much.

We are going to make Amelia’s mom a couple memorini jewelry with Amelia’s little hand and footprints and a memorini glass cast with Amelia’s hand and footprints for Amelia’s dad.

Amelia’s parents like European kids’ clothes a lot. Unlike Anders and I who would like to dress Veronica in RalphLauren every day Amelia’s parents think that Ralph Lauren is boring and that Ralph Lauren has been doing the same designs for the past 100 years. I agree with the latter of course.

Here is Amelia and her dad (my brother-in-law) Paul. Amelia’s dressed in some Swedish clothes in this photo here.

Here is Amelia with her mom (my twin sister ) Asa. Amelia’s wearing a cute little hairbow from Sweden.

Veronica looks sharp and polished in Ralph Lauren. That is why my husband and I dress Veronica in Ralph Lauren clothes.

It’s so funny how brands are conceived differently in different countries.

Have a nice weekend everyone!