The restaurant

Hej allihopa!

Thought I would share with you some photos that I took at the Vietnamese restaurant minhmat last night.

The Interior

The interior of the place was very cool. There was a replica lizard on the AC canal above the window. It was so interesting.

You can see Veronica’s Hello Kitty balloon from partykungen in the mirror here. Hahaha

The food

The food was good and all the dishes that the waiting staff served looked great.

This dish was mine. It contained beef.

This was my husband’s. It was a vegetarian dish.

This one was Veronica’s;

This is an English Coco Cola that I tried for the first time. It’s called Cutiosity Cola. It tasted divine. I loved it:

The place was so crowded, so if you would like to go there you should reserve a table in advance.

The pregnancy

Since Anders’ birthday gift wasn’t here yesterday I surprised him with a positive pregnancy test as a gift. He got so happy.

The memorini pieces

It was so difficult to let go of these beautiful pieces yesterday. These pieces were among the so many memorini jewelry pieces that we shipped to our customers. They were gorgeous. I miss them already.

Have a great day everyone!

Hope you’ve liked my new post.