A dog named Aicko

Hej allihopa!

This is my first blog post ever and I really Hope that you will like it.

Some time ago our Norwegian customer Vanja who had just receive her memorini necklace with her child’s handprint wrote to us and asked if she could order a gold pendant with her mother’s dog’s pawprint as a gift to her mother. We let her know that it was possible and so Vanja ordered one. The dog was a cocker spaniel I think.

We created two gold pieces with the pawprint; one for us and one for Vanja’s mom.

We are so pleased with the way the pendant turned out. We love it. The piece looks so beautiful, cool and fashionable. You can see the gorgeous pendant in the photo below. Look at all the details in the pendant.

As you can see here we have engraved the piece with the dog’s name. His name is Aicko.

Vanja has asked us to ship the piece to her so she could give it to her mom herself.

I personally love it when people order our jewelry or glass as gifts to their loved ones. It means a lot to me.

By the way guys, this month we got our first order from Austria. I got so happy because we had never got any orders from Austria before so I got pretty excited.

Hope all is well with all of you. Let me know if you liked my first blog post. Thank you. Enjoy the weekend everyone!






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