The book writer

Hi everyone!

We launched our new website for new jewelry and interior brand memorini last Saturday and we are now trying to remove the little glitches. The new website enables you to order our products from all over the world which is great. Isn’t it so?

I visited one of my friends yesterday. Her name is Sheida Karlsson and she is a children’s book writer. She has written the book series ‘Vicky upptäcker nya språk’. The books are trilingual and are great for multilingual children. They are available in 10 different language variations.

Here is a photo of my daughter Veronica reading one of Sheida’s books.

Here are some questions that I asked Sheida and Sheida’s response to my questions.

Tell me about your new children’s book series Sheida.

-The books are modern and easy to learn. Colorful pictures with large texts, easy for the children to read. Both children and adults can benefit from the books.

How did you come up with the idea?

-When I was on maternity leave I started my book project. Since I have a Persian origin, I was looking for a multilingual book for my daughter in both Persian and Swedish. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find any suitable books. Then I started my journey and began to sketch and create the Vicky books.

How can my readers find your books?

-The books are available to buy at bellinova. Also you can find them in many public libraries.

Are you planning to sell your books to other countries other than Sweden?

-That idea has come to my mind. There is a huge need for multilingual books and media, so I am working on a plan to launch the books abroad as well.

Hope you’ve liked the interview guys.

Have a great day!






The love for what I do

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well with all of you.

A lot of people ask me what it feels like to have a company so I thought I would share some of my thoughts as well as my response here. I hope you guys get inspired after reading it.

It feels great to have a company that belongs to me and my husband. We don’t have any outside investor which means that we own the company 100%.

I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love fashion and design and it’s so enjoyable for me to do what I do. When we started I never thought we would become an international brand, but here we are and we get more and more famous day by day.

Leading a company has a lot of challenges as well as rewards. You can’t limit yourself to the conventional working hours which are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;sometimes you have to work after 5 p.m. I sometimes work in the evenings. I always work at weekends. I always work on public holidays and I even work while on vacation, but the hard work pays off.

We receive a lot of emails from our customers who express their happiness with their orders. It is so rewarding to read their messages. It’s also rewarding each and every time we create a memorable piece for a mother, father, aunt, uncle or grandparent. In other words, it’s cool.

‘You live once so do what you like to do’ is my moto. When I wake up every morning, I never think to myself ‘Ugggg I have to go to my boring job again.’ Instead I am happy that I am going to work and that I get to do what I do. It’s a lot of fun for me to be able to be in touch with our fans, followers and customers and to be able to express myself. We work hard to fulfill our customers’ and our fans’ expectations and to also fulfill our own dream which is getting bigger. This business is our baby and we want to make sure that the baby grows.







The Vacation

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well with all of you.

We are enjoying our vacation in Crete and I love the sunshine here. We are staying at a hotel apartment in Chania’s old town. The apartment has a balcony and Anders, Veronica and I love it. We sit there every evening, have a drink and chat. Veronica usually watches her iPad at the balcony.

The beach here is beautiful. The people are warm and friendly and the food is fresh and delicious. The restaurants give good service although it can take the waiters quite a lot of time to bring you all the food and drinks you’ve ordered. They can even forget to bring some of the things that you’ve ordered.

It’s so easy to communicate with the people here and I like it a lot.

My husband and I work from here on our cellphones or our computers every now and then; we answer questions regarding our memorini jewelry and glass pieces, we answer customers’ emails and we write to our employees in Stockholm.

We would love to buy some property here and to come and stay here every once in a while; at least once in summer and once in winter but it seems that it’s so cold here in winter. We are now considering Las Palmas in Spain for future investment. Las Palmas has a beach. We’ve also read that it’s warm there all year round. We want to go there next year and see if we like it and if we do, we will buy an apartment there as a holiday home.




The memorini ring

Hi you guys!

Today I was out with my daughter Veronica as my husband has to work over the weekend. We went to a couple of cafés and to a park together.

Here is a photo of my little fashionista at the first cafe today.

Today I was wearing my new memorini ring made with my daughter’s actual handprint. We have kept the handprint since we took it from her in 2014 when she was only one and a helf months old. I love my new ring. Here is a photo of my beautiful ring.

I have now both my daughter’s little hand and footprints on my left hand next to my wedding/engagement ring. When I look at my left hand I feel so good about the order of the rings. It was first us (me and my husband) and now we have an adorable daughter.

The diamond ring is an actual engagement ring. I used to wear it with my wedding ring which we bought from a gold company based in Östersund. Since I showed allergy to the wedding ring I only wear my engagement ring. We are designing a new memorini wedding ring for me. It is going to look awesome.

Hope all is well with all of you.




The dog

Hi everyone!

We are on vacation in Östersund. We came here to celebrate this Year’s midsummer with my husband’s family.

I thought I would share with you the story of a beautiful memorini glass piece that we made for one of our customers Ulf here on my blog.

We made the beautiful piece in the photo with the pawprint of Ulf’s dog. His dog is called Isa.

Ulf has a wife/partner and children. Isa is also family to Ulf as every other dog is family to their owner.

Isa has recently been diagnosed with cancer. That is why her owner Ulf decided to have Isa’s pawprint made in memorini glass as a memento from his dying dog.

At the time we were contacted by Ulf, Isa had not started treatment and she was very ill. Ulf was so worried that Isa would die in a matter of days that he asked us to send him a kit as soon as possible. As we thought Isa was dying soon we sent Ulf two kits on the day he ordered so that in case Isa died we would have at least one good print from her to work with. You can see a photo of one of Isa’a pawprints here.

We engraved Ulf’s memorini glass piece with Isa’s name and the date when her pawprints were taken which was sometime in May.

A month later when the glass piece was ready, I contacted Ulf regarding his order and also asked him about Isa. He wrote back that Isa was undergoing treatment and that she was doing much better. The news made us very happy. Just when you don’t think there is hope, things take a turn for the better and this is the miracle of life.

Hope you’ve liked this story everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



The Rude SwedBank

  • Hi guys!

This is the message that I sent Swedbank regarding their staff’s rude behavior. It’s in English so everyone can understand it. I still haven’t received a response. Hope SwedBank has a good response to this. If not, I will switch banks. I will definitely publish their response on my blog.


I just tried to call you regarding your customer service but no one answered the phone. I was online for 10 minutes.

I was at your Hamngatan branch today as I wanted to put my daughter’s cash in her savings account. When I was done, I asked your employee if there was a bathroom there at the bank and she said that there was one in the main office. (I’m pregnant so I go to the bathroom very often.)I went to the main office on Hamngatan but there was no one at the information desk so I could ask them where the bathroom was, so I kept looking around to see if I could see a bathroom. Suddenly one of your employees who was an overweight woman with brown hair standing next to the elevator asked me what I was looking for with a kind of look as if I was a thief. As soon as I went to her desk she suddenly (and not even discretely) turned away the computer screen while I was explaining to her that I had put money on my daughter’s account and that I was looking for a bathroom. She turned away the screen so abruptly as if I was going to stare at her screen and rob the bank. I felt so humiliated especially before the clients that were standing there. The way she looked at me or talked to me was like ‘Get out of here. You are a thief.’ To my surprise she told me there was no bathroom there and that I had to go to NK (shopping mall) or Gallerian (shopping mall). I wonder if she lied about the bathroom or told me the truth. I bet she lied. I think you’d better teach your staff to treat the clients with respect. Given the fact that I had already told the woman that I had put money on my daughter’s account the way she treated me was way beyond rude and humiliating.

There are not so many banks in Sweden. If I had a lot of options I would have definitely switched to one of your competitors after what happened today.

If you don’t have a bathroom in your Hamngatan branch then you’ve got to build one there especially given that your clients who put cash in their accounts have to wait there for a long time. If your employees are liars you have to teach them to be honest.

I am also very disappointed that nobody even answered my call today or even called me back. Today I experienced the most horrible bank customer service in my whole life. Great job really. You nailed it.

Asana Olsen

What do you think about the letter guys? I think it’s very important that we report rude disrespectful behavior so we prevent it from  happening to other people especially other pregnant women. What do you think?

The Little Pony

Hi guys!

I hope all is well with all of you.

Today my daughter Veronica’s preschool was closed as it was the school’s planning day. I could not do much work for our company memorini today because I had to entertain my lovely little girl Veronica so she wouldn’t get bored.

We went downtown in the morning. As we walked past a little toyshop Veronica told me that she wanted a toy. She couldn’t pick a toy so I suggested a toy which she liked and so I got it for her. The toy was a little pony with a hairbrush and mirror. Pretty stupid. I know. Hahaha

After our stop in the toystore we walked toward Rörstrandsgatan. There Veronica and I had lunch with one of my friends and her son who is also Veronica’s friend at the Persian restaurant Tehran Grill.

Veronica opened her toy at the restaurant, took out the pony and started brushing the pony’s hair. She brushed the pony’s hair so much that by the end of our lunch there was pony hair all over the table.

After lunch I took Veronica to the park to play. After riding on the swing and playing with her ball she told me that she wanted to play hide-and-seek with me. I told her that we could play hide-and-seek at home because I might not be able to find her if played hide-and-seek in the park and that we might get into trouble. It didn’t go down with her and she started crying. I wanted to make her happy so I asked her if she wanted an ice-cream and she told me that she wanted one so we went to Hemköp supermarket. There I got her an ice-cream and a I got myself a tea. We sat at the Hemköp’s cafe and Veronica had her ice-cream. After she was done with her ice-cream she wanted to rush into the supermarket and do grocery shopping, so I had to tell her so many times that she had to wait until I was done with my tea.

At the supermarket she was very helpful as usual but she would also pick whatever she wanted off the shelves which were candies and other unhealthy stuff. I still haven’t found a solution to tell Veronica not to pick so much sweet stuff from the supermarket shelves. If you guys have a solution please let me know.

We are home now and my crearive daughter is painting her little blue pony green. Haha

Have a good evening everyone.


The Podcast Interview

Hej allihopa!

The interview is out!

As I have mentioned in one of my blog posts last week great baby and family photographer BodilBergmanHughes and the founder of magpodden interviewed me for her podcast magpodden last week. I could finally get my message across thanks to Bodil.

I don’t want to tell you what the story of the interview is. I want you guys to listen to it your selves to find out.

You can read a simmare of the interview or even listen to the interview here.

As I have mentioned before Bodil was the photographer of our daughter Veronica who modeled with the memorini glass pieces that we had made with her hand and fooprints. We later upploaded the photos on our website memorini

Here’s another cute photo that Bodil has taken for us.

If you would like to schedule a baby, child or family photoshoot Bodil is the right photographer for you. You can write to her at

Thank you once again for the lovely photos and the interview Bodil Bergman Hughes.

Let me know what you guys think about the interview.

Thank you guys.